Dj from South Africa come to the uk in persuite of my goal to become an international dj.
I love all kinds of music so it becomes difficult to lable what i play in one specific genre.
Instead i play music that influences me in some way and evokes the greatest feeling in me.
What just seems to get me moving is Funky house, But im not talkin your run of the mill funky house,
Im talkin that sexy dirty soulful funky house that you just cant help but dance to.
Then when it really gets going,to ad a little flavour, a little Funky electro to help you peak.
I love life and love to party. My friends and family around me are constant inspiration,
and a great source of energy. In time you will see how all these influences effect
my production of music and remixes.....
10 years djing 3 dj comps , 2 wins and 1 runner up no signs of slowing down so
Watch this space